Unveiled in May of 1923, the Capitol Limited was Baltimore & Ohio's entry into the three-way fight for the lucrative east coast-Chicago passenger traffic. Unlike NYC and PRR who focused on New York City however, B&O emphasized its Washington-Chicago service, with a connecting New York City train. Popular from the start, The Cap became the premiere train on the B&O, and the East's first streamlined, diesel-powered flagship in 1938.

By 1953, B&O had acquired enough lightweight cars, many coming from canceled C&O orders, to streamline The Cap. Among them were three unique Strata-Dome sleepers making B&O the only road with domes in the east.

To maintain high levels of service and reduce costs in the late 1950s, The Cap was combined with its running mate The Columbian. Usually handling 13 cars, the combined train included a mix of coaches, food service cars, Strata-Domes and sleepers, along with occasional heavyweights when demand warranted.

Following the C&O take-over in 1963, a concerted effort was made to consolidate and modernize passenger service with innovations such as off-peak fares and simplified ticket purchasing.

Although operating as two separate roads, equipment and motive power were freely mixed and matched, but no compromise was permitted in service, which was maintained right to the end in 1971.

A decade later, the Capitol Limited returned as a new Amtrak train, and remains one of its most popular today.

Based on the combined Capitol Limited of the late 1950s with its unique consist that included the famed Strata-Domes, Slumbercoaches, Twin-Unit Diner and other signature equipment behind new E9 diesels, this WalthersProto replica is a fitting tribute to one of America's greatest streamliners, perfect for operating or collecting!

Baltimore & Ohio Capitol Limited