Order from Walthers Catalog

If you don't have your own copy of a Walthers catalog, you can follow some of these links to see some of their offerings.  Please note that these links bring you directly to Walthers website.  Train Sets Only is not responsible for the content nor any typographical errors.

Simply note the Walthers item number you would like to purchase and/or reserve.  Then, to order a given item, simply complete the form below (you may need to scroll down) and click on the Add to Cart button.  Please see the special notes indicated below the form.


Product Description

  • If you find something on sale at Walther's (from their website or current monthly sales flyer) and Walthers has the item in-stock, we will honor the Walther's sale price.  Simply enter that price for the given item.
  • If ordering something that is not currently discounted at Walthers, we will apply our normal discount to the List Price.
  • Please ensure you record the correct Walthers' price. Discrepancies will be identified and any time taken to resolve such issues will only increase the processing time of your order.
  • Shipping rates that include your manually entered Walthers' items will be estimated at the time of order based upon the weights you entered.  Before shipping, Train Sets Only will adjust the shipping charge accordingly and will notify you if an increase is necessary.
  • If your order qualifies for Free Shipping when you enter your order, but is brought below the free shipping order minimum due to unavailable merchandise, we will adjust your order and apply actual shipping charges as appropriate.  Any backordered items will then be shipped together with no incremental shipping.

Additional Product Information
  • Model railroad items are not intended for unsupervised children under 14 years of age.